Local & LAN Copy-Paste for 3ds Max 2021-2024 v1.2

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Maximize your productivity with this versatile 3ds Max script designed to streamline the copy-pasting process for 3D artists and teams. Ideal for working across multiple computers connected to the same server or transferring elements between scenes on a single machine, this script is a must-have addition to your toolkit.

Key Features:

  • Cross-computer copy-pasting: Effortlessly copy and paste 3D elements between computers on the same server, making collaboration and resource-sharing simpler than ever.
  • Local copy-pasting: Easily transfer objects between different scenes on your computer, saving time and improving your workflow.
  • User-friendly interface: The intuitive UI makes it simple for artists of all experience levels to take advantage of the script's powerful capabilities.
  • Compatibility: This script is designed to work seamlessly with 3ds Max, ensuring smooth integration with your existing software.
  • Regular updates & support: Enjoy continuous improvements and dedicated support to ensure the script remains compatible with future 3ds Max releases.
  • Silent Mode (v1.2 feature)

Invest in your productivity today and take your 3D projects to new heights. Download now and experience the difference!

The script operates by saving selected objects on both your local computer and a server. Therefore, it's important to specify which folders you want the script to use for saving the selected files. You'll need to choose both a local folder and a server folder for this purpose. If you don't have a server, you can still use the script to copy and paste files on your own computer.


  1. Drag'n'drop ES_CopyPaste.mcr to your 3ds Max viewport.
  2. Copy "scripts" folder to your root 3ds Max folder.
  3. Copy "Local" folder to your AppData.
  4. Reload 3ds Max
  5. Create a new toolbar and fill it with scripts from category "ES_CopyPaste"
  6. Click "Settings" icon and choose destination local and remote (on file server) folders.

Please ensure you have administrator rights for your 3ds Max folder. This is necessary for the script to function, as the file containing remote and local destination variables is located within the 3ds Max scripts folder.

Critical Hotfix v1.1

  • Folder selection in Settings now saves destination folders properly
  • Objects are now selected after paste
  • Naming for saved object fixed to avoid misunderstanding

Update v1.2

  • Silent Mode! When Silent Mode is deactivated, the script will notify you about duplicates of objects or materials detected after pasting. This way, you can easily decide how to handle duplicate names, giving you the flexibility to choose between renaming, merging, or ignoring duplicates as needed.

If you have ANY problems with the script - don't hesitate to write an e-mail to me (brovar.work@gmail.com). I respond quickly and will provide help as fast as I can.

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3ds Max Collaborative Copy-Paste Script 2021-2024

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Local & LAN Copy-Paste for 3ds Max 2021-2024 v1.2

12 ratings
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